Edavaka Mission has a prominent role in spreading the Gospel and leading the mission activities of the Church. The functioning of this organisation is based on the motto ‘EVERY MARTHOMITE IS AN EVANGELIST’ AND IT WAS CALLED TO PROMOTE VARIOUS ACTIVITIES OF THE PARISH SUCH AS  INTERCESSORY PRAYER, EXTENDING CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP.  This vision was foreseen by his grace THE LATE ABRAHAM MAR THOMA METROPOLITAN. The branch of the Mar Thoma voluntary evangelists association in the parish is called "EDAVAKA MISSION".

 Every Marthomite has the responsibility to implant faith in God in the hearts of the word. One of the highest goals in our lifetime is to understand more about God and show him to others. Evangelization is spreading the Gospel and strengthing others with the words of God. All of us are preparing our minds for the second coming of Jesus. During that time we are trying to renew our relationship with our Lord which we lost at Eden and regained through Jesus. To enrich our relationship with God, We need to engage our hearts in prayer.

St James MTC Edavaka mission is trying to engage the hearts of it’s believers with Bible teachings, sharing the experiences in God, and intercessory prayer for the souls that are in agony. The Edavaka Mission members visit the sick and the needy to give spiritual fellowship.

Edavaka Mission meetings are held on Wednesday evenings via Webex. In the meetings, our Vicar gives leadership for Bible study. In the absence of the Vicar, Bible studies are led by members or lay leaders. Intercessory prayers are an integral part of these sessions.


St James Mar Thoma Church is a registered charity in the UK. Our Charity reference number is: 1059210.

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