Prayer meetings are conducted regularly in seven prayer groups at the residence of members. Special prayer meetings are held at the residence of members who are sick or grieving the loss of their loved ones.

  • East Area Prayer Group Rep
  • Mr Shiju Thomas
  • South Area Prayer Group Rep
  • Mr Praveen Mathew
  • North & West Prayer Group Rep
  • Mr Ashwin Chacko
  • Bury & St Edmunds Prayer Group Rep
  • Mrs Aswathy Varghese
  • Ipswich Prayer Group Rep
  • Mr Abraham Isac
  • Kent Area Prayer Group Rep
  • Mr Shajan Varampel Mathai
  • South East Prayer Group Rep
  • Mr Stephen Joseph

St James Mar Thoma Church is a registered charity in the UK. Our Charity reference number is: 1059210.

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