The Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sangham, the women’s wing, was inaugurated during the Maramon Convention in the year 1919 under the leadership of Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragan Metropolitan who gave the Sangham continued support and inspiration.

In the ministry of our Lord, women played a great role. Some of the faithful followers and his closest friends were women. Women were the last to leave our Lord's cross and first to see him resurrected. In church, Women plays an important role in serving others. No one need to be eloquent in speech or a gifted writer or a theologian to get people served in their needs, but a kind heart and ready to serve attitude. 

The Sevika Sangham is centred around the ethic of serving the poor and needy ones in the society. The group was successful in raising money for various charity needs and was helping the church in uplifting all the spiritual activities.

SevikaSangham Meeting are held once in a month in the presence of Vicar. Area Sevika Sangham meetings are conducted at the residence of the area prayer group members. In the absence of the Vicar, this will be lead by the chosen representatives.

Sevika Sangham is conducted at the church on every 3rd Sundays after service.










St James Mar Thoma Church is a registered charity in the UK. Our Charity reference number is: 1059210.

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